Lumber Shielding

Hardwood Protective Shielding for Bridge and Overpass Construction

Sterling Lumber has a large inventory of industrial lumber on-site for cut-to-length shielding for:

  • Bridge, Overpass and Ramp Construction and Safety
  • Crib Construction.
  • 24 Hour to 48 Hour Delivery Available
  • Cut-to-Length
  • Beveled Shielding End Cuts Available
  • Hardwood and Southern Pine
  • Treated and Untreated

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Sterling Lumber shielding, underpass safety shielding, bevel shielding


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Product Info

Pre-Cut Shielding and Lumber

  • Species: Mixed Hardwood or Southern Pine
  • Thickness: 1" to 3"
  • Length: Up to 8'
  • Width: Up to 10"
  • Treated or Untreated
  • End Cut or Bevel Ends

Sterling Bevel Cut Shielding Lumber




Sterling hardwood shielding, bridge shielding lumber, overpass shielding lumber, safety shielding



Sterling Lumber safety shielding, overpass shielding, hardwood shielding


Sterling hardwood lumber safety shielding, shielding lumber, overpass shielding
Sterling Lumber shielding, wood safety shielding, lumber shielding

Sterling lumber shielding, safety shielding, overpass shielding